Liberty University and Voter Registration

Liberty University encourages students to register to vote by:

  • Making periodic announcements during Convocation and providing voter registration forms to students through Student Leadership staff and through faculty members during classes
  • Encouraging awareness by inviting a variety of candidates to speak to students and staff

Although Liberty University is not required to distribute voter registration forms since it is located in Virginia (which implemented Motor Vehicle Voter Registration (FSA Handbook (07-08: 2-39)), Liberty University still encourages voter registration.

Does this affect my parents' tax status or my tax status?

Tens of thousands of students within the state of Virginia registered to vote where they attended school for the first time in the 2008 Presidential election with no negative impact for them or their parents. It is your choice where you will vote.

(Alaska residents are not eligible for the special Alaska Permanent Fund if they register to vote in a state other than Alaska.)

Why should I vote?

For information on why it is important to vote as a responsible citizen, please visit the website presented by Champion the Vote.

Are you voting with an absentee ballot?

If you are planning to vote via absentee ballot, be sure to educate yourself about the requirements for your specific state.  Each state varies on deadlines and mandatory documentation for the absentee ballot process.  Absentee ballots must be requested and returned well in advance of regularly scheduled election dates so be sure to take action immediately.  For more information about how to vote via absentee ballot, view the Voter Forms page.

Registration Information

Do you need a Virginia Voter Registration form? View the Voter Registration page for access to the form as well as additional information on voting.

If you are not registered to vote, please visit the Federal Election Commission website and complete a National Mail Voter Registration Form.

Your voter registration form can be received by the Dean of Students Office at Green Hall. If you are unsure of how to fill out a registration form, access examples provided by Commuter Services.

Please submit the National Mail Voter Registration Form and any questions you may have to your state’s designated voter registration office (address indicated in the instructions). Do not mail this form to Liberty University.  See notes for information concerning specific states.*

New Hampshire town and city clerks will accept the National Mail Voter Registration Form only as a request for their own absentee voter mail-in registration form.

North Dakota does not have voter registration. Please view instructions and additional information on the North Dakota Secretary of State website.

Wyoming law does not permit national mail registration. For information on the Wyoming voting registration, view the instructions on the Wyoming Secretary of State website.

What if I am registered somewhere else?

You may pick up a Virginia voter registration form from your professor, your RA, or the Dean of Students Office (Green Hall 1830). You may also pick up a form from the Department of Motor Vehicles, City Hall, public libraries and post offices. You may also obtain a voter registration form or an absentee ballot form online.