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Monday, January 27, 2014 Contemporary Evangelism

            Regarding contemporary evangelism, I concur with Dr. Kennedy Adarkwa that the idea of proclaiming the Gospel has become less and less popular in the US. As one considers this trend, we should avoid any type of reasoning that would lead us to think that our contemporaries feel inadequate to proclaim the Gospel, and therefore, proclamation is down.


            This anti-evangelical trend has its roots in Satan’s advance in His war against God. Whenever local churches allow Satan and his angels to shape our contemporary culture, Satan takes advantage of the circumstances and develops further his anti-Creator milieu. It is time to wake up from our slumber and start fighting for the lost. If we have not noticed, most churches in the US have become very similar to the Laodicean church as described by Jesus Himself (Rev 3:14-22).


            Over the years, this anti-evangelistic trend has become more and more apparent. In many cases, our churches are becoming country clubs that our youth find inept and avoid as they become adults. I believe that the root of the problem is a salvation issue for many. Without a genuine conversion, without being born again, there is no new or renewed creation (2 Cor 5:17), and therefore, there is no genuine concern for the lost. Consider my thoughts from an excerpt taken from Experiencing Jesus’ Joy:


Jesus said that only those who had a desire to do the will of the Father would come to know Him (John 7:17; 8:39–47; cf. Matt 25:31–46; Rom 2:13). He also said that there would be some who called Him “lord” who would not be with Him in Heaven because they had not done the Father’s will (Matt 7:21). If someone wants to know God, he or she must be willing to follow His lead. God does not weigh people’s good and bad activities throughout their lives to see if they have done enough good to enter Heaven. Perfection is required and no one other than Christ has lived a perfect life. In reality, God only accepts people into His eternal family who are willing to allow Him to shape them into Jesus Christ’s moral image and obediently follow Him. There is no place in God’s eternal holy family for lukewarm followers of Christ (Rev 3:16). God requires commitment with corresponding action! (p. 151)


            In reality, people change when they truly start following Jesus: they want to see the lost saved:

As people consider God, His holiness, and His great love for all, “I am reminded that we all need Jesus as both lord and savior in every aspect of our lives. I know that God will lead all who listen to Him out of an unfulfilled life into one filled with inner peace, joy, and great expectation. In addition, I know that as individuals start listening to God, their lives change for the better immediately and forever. Within a relatively short period of time, their family and friends will be blessed right along with them. There is no greater gift for a parent, spouse, or child than for a loved one to start following Jesus.  . . .  There is nothing more important that any of us can do than to witness about God and His glorious nature to those who are living out their lives on that wide road leading to destruction.” (p. 147)


            As we consider this anti-evangelical trend, there is a second key to this alarming trend: many in our local churches think that they are saved yet exhibit none of the attributes of a disciple of Jesus (Luke 14:26-33). Can a person really be saved and not be a follower of Jesus? I do not think so. Consider this from Experiencing Jesus’ Joy:


If we would be honest with one another, most of us would admit that we want things our way and want everything to be as easy as possible. From what I see from God’s Word, it takes commitment and effort in order for anything to advance, whether good or evil. From the side of evil, Scripture is clear that Satan has been and will continue to work hard to overthrow God and His children until he is permanently confined in Hell after Christ’s thousand year reign. He will not win, but he is putting as much effort into bringing as many of God’s children with him as possible. . . . If all advancement takes commitment and effort, why do so many think that God, who is fighting on our behalf, wants His children to sit on the sidelines and do nothing? Everything in Scripture teaches that God’s children are to be fully involved in living holy lives and allowing God to lead them in righteous works overcoming evil with good. Yet there are many people who claim to be Christians (Christ-like), who do not live according to God’s holiness nor try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. These same people will tell you that they are confident that they are going to Heaven when they die. This way of thinking is totally contrary to what God’s Word teaches. . . .  Nowhere in Scripture does God teach that someone can come to Him, pick up a pass into Heaven, ignore the battles going on around them, die physically, and have Jesus escort his or her spirit into Heaven. . . . Satan has sold the world one of His biggest lies since the beginning of the Creation. Many believe that salvation is nothing more than obtaining a pass into heaven for when one dies. This lie causes people to think that they have to wait until they get to Heaven for anything to be better. What a lie! Sanctification, being molded and shaped by God, and good works starts immediately for all who truly start following Jesus (Rom 6:22) (pp. 106-108).


- James Joseph, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

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