Fall 2016 Resident Graduate Priority Program Scholarship Winner Announced.

The Resident Graduate Admissions team at Liberty University would like to congratulate the following Fall 2016 scholarship winner:


Gabrielle Cyphers - Graduate New Student Priority Program Scholarship

The first Graduate New Student Priority Program scholarship drawing was held on May 3, 2016. Students who meet different deadlines in the admissions process are eligible to enter a $2,000 tuition-only scholarship drawing.

  1. How did you hear about the Resident Graduate School at Liberty University?

I was in search of a school that could offer a specific program that could prepare me to walk the path that God has planned for me. I have no idea where God will lead me after I leave graduate school but I know without a doubt that Liberty University is going to prepare me for whatever that may be. My father is a pastor and really throughout most of my life I have been aware of Jerry Falwell and his ministries, but it wasn’t until I knew that I wanted to pursue a ministerial education that I was truly able to research Liberty and fall in love with my potential future there.  

 2. What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about the various extracurricular activities and centers that we are able to be a part of. After visiting the campus as well as doing a vast amount of research on what all Liberty has to offer, my only fear is that I may not have enough time within my next three years to be a part of everything that I am interested in!

 3. Why did you decide to attend the Resident Graduate School at Liberty University?

After spending my undergraduate years pursuing a degree in Biology, I made a drastic decision to give my future over completely into the hands of God. I have always had a passion for singing and music and I knew that I was looking for a program that could help me grow not only in my spiritual walk with the Lord but also guide me in the direction of worship. I searched many different graduate schools but quickly decided whole-heartedly on Liberty University.