D.Min. Example Syllabi

DMIN 880: Research and Writing of the Thesis Project

An introduction to the Thesis Writing Process and how ministry is enhanced using current electronic resources. Students will be introduced to all phases of the D.Min Thesis writing process, including the thesis timeline, research, writing your thesis, and the finished product, including the abstract and the vita.  Students will become familiar with the Thesis Manual and with resources available to them through the library and the Liberty University Writing Center. Use of electronic databases for ministry research and Turabian Formatting will be introduced.

EVCP 810: Spiritual Factors of Growing Churches

This course will examine the spiritual factors that would contribute to the maturity and growth of a body of believers in a local church. Topics to be discussed include elements that would directly or indirectly affect spiritual maturity and church growth such as pastoral leadership, strategic planning, preaching, teaching for revitalization, biblical fellowship (koinonia), missional outlook, organizational issues, cultural factors, and various elements of changes that could affect spiritual maturity and church growth.

PACO 825: Growth and Development of the Contemporary Minister

An in-depth look at the person in ministry. Extensive testing will form the foundation for this course and the results of the testing will be used to develop a growth profile for the individual student.