YouTube sensation leaves channel

film — Deibert and Sjolinder say goodbye to the comedic videos that made them famous. Photo provided

Ian Deibert and Nick Sjolinder walk away from Misterepicmann in order to pursue more serious video material “Nick (Sjolinder) is more likely to be recognized than I am because he always looks the same,” Liberty University alumnus Ian Deibert said. “He always has that face and some kind of beard. …

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‘Animals’ claws to top

LAUGH — Sjolinder and Deibert hope to share the gospel. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

YouTube names “How Animals Eat Their Food” as third overall video of 2013 If Liberty University alumnus Ian Deibert had to choose one word to describe the year of 2013, it would be “blessed.” Deibert and senior Nick Sjolinder went from being normal college students to YouTube sensations when they …

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Video hits 46 million views

trending — This animal impersonation video skyrocketed Deibert and Sjolinder to YouTube fame. Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

The pseudonym “MisterEpicMann” may not ring many bells, but perhaps “How Animals Eat Their Food” does. What some people might not know is that the two individuals featured in the viral video are Liberty University students junior Nick Sjolinder and senior Ian Deibert […]

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YouTube testimonials

Sophomore Hannah Myers is an example of a student trying to make a difference for Christ while balancing the tasks that come with the territory of being a full-time student. Along with fellow students Jeff Brainard and Tommy Tran, Myers created One11 Films, a ministry where videos on various controversial …

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