ISIS trumps Russian threat

Tense — Diplomatic dealings have been rough between President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin. Google Images

Terrorism remains superior threat amidst other diplomatic tensions abroad When a disease is not fully treated, it can resurface with the same intensity, perhaps with even more intensity than its previous appearance. History provides many instances of this happening figuratively, and many Americans believe this is occurring today in the …

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Russia bullies Ukraine

TRAVESTY — Pro-Russian protestors tear down Ukrainian flag and replace it with a Russian flag in front of the Donetsk Oblast Regional State Administration building. Google Images

Vladimir Putin seeks to establish an empire with Eastern Europe annexation Near the middle of the 20th century, a disgraced nation rising to power attempted to annex land from a weaker nation. The world powers of the time consented with little fuss. Unfortunately for them, this appeasement played a heavy …

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Russian sanctions still ineffective

UNCERTAINTY — Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to capture land amidst international and diplomatic warnings of war and increased sanctions. Google Images

Tensions rise as Russian troops take over Ukrainian military bases in Crimea with no hope of compromise Two things have remained consistent with the current occupant of the Oval Office: red lines and “don’t go any further” warnings. This time, however, President Barack Obama followed through with his tough talk, …

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Ukraine on the brink of disaster

CONFLICT — The threat of war has resulted in tension in the Eastern European region. Google Images

The Ukrainian military is on high alert as the country appeals for international help against a Russian invasion World leaders are watching Russia with a wary eye as Ukraine fights to keep political independence away from the old ties of the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Crimea, a peninsula off of …

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Will Games Boost Russian Economy?

The 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi have been laced with problems, from failed graphics, to hotel problems, to terror threats. Needless to say, the Olympic Planning Committee has been fighting an uphill battle. Since the threats of terror never seemed to develop, aesthetic problems, like awkward bathrooms, yellow water and …

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Sochi passes the torch

making their nation proud — Russia took the crown as the top nation in the Winter Games. Wikimedia

The Americans finished second in the total medal count to host country Russia Olympic expectations for Team USA are always extraordinary. Some athletes live up to the hype, while some falter under the bright lights. Despite finishing second in the medal count to host country Russia, the United States still …

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Threats will not thwart games

Russian President Vladimir Putin aims to prevent radical Islamists from overshadowing upcoming competition The modern Olympic Games began April 6, 1896. This was a battle of athletic brawn showcased in the hallowed coliseums of Athens. Over many centuries, the tradition has become a gala of patriotic glory, showcasing only the …

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