Students fight shortage

GIVE — Students help during a blood shortage by giving blood in the back of DeMoss Hall. Photo credit: Abby Kourkounakis

Liberty donates about 1,200 units of blood at each Red Cross blood drive on campus Eighty percent of the blood donations given to the Red Cross are collected at mobile blood drives set up at community organizations, companies, high schools, colleges, places of worship and military installations. The remaining 20 …

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Red Cross offers lifeguarding course to students.

Lifeguarding — The Red Cross is offering Liberty students a $115 discount for the class.

As students return to campus, local businesses are bombarded with applications from hundreds of students, and the competition to get a job can seem more overwhelming than taking 18 credit hours. However, the job competition for students is looking up, because the American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course will open …

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