U.S. in diplomatic depression

rift —  Foreign policy created chasm between U.S. and Israeli state. Google Images

Iran nuclear deal proves to ignite frustrations between Netanyahu, Obama Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected as prime minister of Israel despite the best efforts of President Barack Obama’s administration. Netanyahu promised before his election there would not be a Palestinian state under his watch, much to the chagrin of …

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Obama accuses Christians

uproar — Barack Obama delivered controversial comments at yearly prayer breakfast. Photo provided

President takes shot at Christianity, equating it to radical religious violence Last Thursday, Feb. 5, President Barack Obama attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast. As many remember, this event has brought the President much grief over the past few years. A year ago in February, Dr. Ben Carson, a possible …

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Obama snubs Israeli leader

mistake — President Barack Obama said he will not meet with Israeli prime minister. Google Images

U.S. president says “no” to key Middle East ally amidst escalating turmoil I guess I should laugh to keep from crying. Yemen’s U.S.-backed government, touted by President Barack Obama as a model for dealing with al Qaeda and the Middle East, according the MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, crumbled overnight last week. …

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We cannot afford free college

debt — President Barack Obama proposed free community college. Google Images

More government-funded education is not the answer to our financial woes President Barack Obama recently proposed a free community college plan. Yes, free. “(What) I’m also going to do is announce a proposal that I’m going to be making to make sure that community college is accessible for everybody,” Obama …

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U.S. foreign policy falters

unsure — As ISIS continues to advance, President Barack Obama holds press conference Aug. 28, addressing the role the United States will play in diffusing the deadly conflict. Google Images

As the Islamic State advances, instability in American diplomacy is exposed The United States government seems to operate under the umbrella of three absolutes: we do not leave Americans behind, we do not negotiate with terrorists and we do not put troops on the ground. While President Barack Obama recently …

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Obama: Better at pop-culture or politics?

Between TWO Ferns — Obama and Galifianakis discuss politics in a six-minute comedy sketch. YouTube Screenshot

Appearing on Galifianakis’ comedy show was an attempt by the president to boost Obamacare’s popularity President Barack Obama recently joined Zach Galifianakis for an interview on his popular Internet show “Between Two Ferns.” Obama’s participation in the six-minute comedy show elicited mixed opinions from viewers, according to a Fox News …

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