Tich’s Take


College basketball can be ugly. Like, step-sister in Cinderella on a bad day right after she wakes up ugly. Scoring droughts can last as long as it takes to make a frozen pizza. Some guards cannot dribble, some big men cannot finish at the rim and some coaches just cannot …

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Tich’s Sweet 16 science

BUSTED — Brackets across the nation are going up in flames after several unlikely underdog victories. Photo credit: Leah Seavers

Things to know about each remaining tourney team 1. Kentucky is better than everyone else. There are a few good teams still left in the tournament. There are a few very, very good teams left in the tournament. And then there are the Wildcats, who are pretty much the Monstars …

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March Sadness

NCAA tournament brings misery to 67 teams The NCAA tournament may be the most exciting event in all of sports. Until the March Sadness sets in. Every year, 68 teams enter the tournament, but only one is left standing. Second place counts for nothing. So while one team and its …

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March madness is a slam dunk

Brackets — No matter how frustrated basketball fans get year after year, filling out the March Madness brackets is a tradition for almost everyone. Photo credit: Andrew Woolfolk

I am a man of tradition. Every year around the middle of March, my daily routine is always the same. To some, the terms “Selection Sunday,” “The Big Dance” and “bracketology” sound like alien vernacular.
But to me, all of the madness — March Madness, that is —makes sense. To […]

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