Letter to the editor

A call to action, asking students to remain informed on the Israeli state. To the Editor: Students at Liberty often hear that we live in this “bubble.” Now, whether the people saying this are referring to our Biblical beliefs or to the Vines Center, I cannot quite be sure, but …

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Obama snubs Israeli leader

mistake — President Barack Obama said he will not meet with Israeli prime minister. Google Images

U.S. president says “no” to key Middle East ally amidst escalating turmoil I guess I should laugh to keep from crying. Yemen’s U.S.-backed government, touted by President Barack Obama as a model for dealing with al Qaeda and the Middle East, according the MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, crumbled overnight last week. …

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D.C. rally

Leaders gather to discuss Israel The Stand With Israel Rally took place in the Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C., Sunday, Oct. 5 with more than 70 Liberty University students in attendance. Christian conservative speakers and Liberty University’s Senior Class President Chelsea Andrews took the stage to voice their support …

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Liberty’s loyal legacy lives

Falwell in his Moral Majority days.

Liberty University carries on the passion of its founder by supporting Israel Inscribed into stone above the world’s greatest Holocaust memorial are the Hebrew words “yad vashem.” Literally translated, the phrase reads “a place and a name.” Taken from the Lord’s promise to his people in Isaiah 56:5, these words …

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