What Nigerian massacre?

horror — Boko Haram killed approximately 2,000. Google Images

Islamic terrorist organization launches deadliest attack in group’s history The militant Islamic group Boko Haram strapped explosives to a young girl and forced her to walk into an open shopping area in a Nigerian town Jan. 3, leading the way for the radical terrorists to kill more than 2,000 people. …

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Crash survivors recover

reCovery — Friends visit Kung Jin Oh at the hospital as her health restores. Photo provided

Liberty students begin to heal after being involved in road-related accidents It has been nearly a month since 22-year-old Liberty University student Kung Jin Oh, known by her friends as Kendra, was hit by a tractor-trailer Oct. 17. The accident placed Oh in critical condition and threatened to end her …

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Christmas story of hope

HOPE — Claire Parker’s journey shows God’s faithfulness through the good times in life as well as the rough patches that come along. Photo provided

Family tradition inspires a book to benefit a little girl with leukemia What began as a story detailing a family’s hopes for the future has turned into a fundraising project to help Claire Parker, a little girl who is battling leukemia. Claire Parker is the niece of Jonathan Parker, a …

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