Homecoming welcomes alumni

Festivities — Homecoming 2013 welcomed Liberty alumni. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Liberty University will welcome alumni from across the nation to the ever-changing campus landscape at this year’s Homecoming Friday and Saturday, Oct. 3-4. The weekend will be packed full of events for alumni and current students to enjoy. Homecoming is one of Liberty’s largest annual […]

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Homecoming Events 2013

President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Becki Falwell greet students in the parade

Alumni were welcomed back to Liberty University Oct. 17-19 to celebrate Homecoming Weekend 2013 and see the many changes around campus. Many alumni arrived with young children, who ran behind them on the same sidewalks their parents used so many years ago. The Alumni Relations Office and Student Activities offered …

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Alumni and students celebrate the past with a parade, football game and more than 20 other campus events More than 2,800 guests will flood Liberty University’s campus for Homecoming weekend Oct. 18 – 19, according to Tyler Falwell, the university’s director of alumni relations. Alumni and students will have the …

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Homecoming special: University reflections

This Friday, Liberty University will celebrate what has become one of its most enjoyed and revered traditions, homecoming weekend. The yearly gathering of Liberty alumni is filled with stories of reunions, reflections and memories, an abundance of cookouts and of course, a Liberty football game. As Liberty celebrates its 41st …

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Bonfire sets spirits aflame

Feel the burn — Students gathered Friday, Oct. 14, for Liberty’s annual Homecoming bonfire to rally excitement in preparation for Saturday’s football game against Costal Carolina. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Sparks were flying long before the Liberty Flames took to the field for their Homecoming football game Saturday, Oct. 15. The fervor, fanfare and fire shown by students and alumni at the game may have, for many, begun at the Homecoming bonfire the night before. On Friday, Oct. 14, hundreds …

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Ties and tights: week of spirit

Hometown pride, red ties and Batman may seem like a strange combination, but at Liberty University, it means Spirit Week. Liberty students celebrated the university’s 40th anniversary Homecoming weekend with their first Spirit Week, dressing up for specialty themed days throughout the week of Oct. 10 through 14. “Spirit Week …

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Creative floats color Homecoming parade

Grand finale — Fans watched as fireworks lit up the sky after the Flames won the football game against Coastal Carolina at Williams Stadium, making a happy ending to a week long celebration of Liberty’s 40th Anniversary Homecoming. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Floats filled the streets and candy flew through the air, landing in the hands of sugar-loving college students who cheered the parade on from the sidewalks. Liberty University’s 40th anniversary homecoming parade was held at 1 p.m., Oct. 15, on University Boulevard and many students, as well as alumni, showed …

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Liberty students through the decades

70s Number of students who enrolled in classes: 6,037 Largest major: Pastoral ministries and training (1,075) Style: Big hair, granny dresses, leisure Top Movies: Godfather I & II, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Star Wars Popular Musicians: Simon & Garfunkel, Captain & Tennille and Rod Stewart 80s Number …

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Liberty culture continues to grow in diversity

Piped up — Liberty state-of-the-art, year-round ski slope, Snowflex, allows students the opportunity to experience multi-level skiing. snowboarding or tubing. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Rich (adjective): having high quality; magnificently impressive. The Merriam-Webster website must have had student life at Liberty University in mind when defining this term. Snowflex, open mic nights, horseback riding, concerts, movie nights, ice skating and club sports, such as archery and racquetball, are just a few of the many …

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Campus transformation begins

As Liberty University celebrates its 40th anniversary, the school celebrates not only a milestone, but a year of new beginnings as the revamping of campus goes underway. When founder Jerry Falwell Sr. started Liberty in 1971, he had a vision for a world-class school, but due to a lack of …

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Another of Jerry’s dreams achieved

Quality and quantity — Liberty strives to offer students an increasing number of quality programs that can lead to successful careers in a myriad of fields. Photo credit: Alyssa Bockman

Since 1971, “mountains” have seemed to move as the vision of Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. became a reality. One of Falwell’s many goals was for Liberty to offer academic quality in all professions. Now, 40 years later, that dream to offer quality academic programs leading to many different professions seems …

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Looking back

In January 1971, Dr. Jerry Falwell announced to his congregation at Thomas Road Baptist Church what seemed to be an impossible dream. Because of the dark spiritual condition of the world, he felt a sacred obligation to build a distinctively Christian, world-class university where young people would receive a quality …

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Towns family moves to campus peak

Co-founder Dr. Elmer Towns and family’s new address puts them atop the mountain Considering the recent explosion of construction projects on Liberty’s campus, it comes as no surprise that one of the school’s founders, Dr. Elmer Towns, has joined in on the building trend. Towns and his wife recently moved …

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Flames’ honorable legacy continues on with NCAA

Fan the flames — Over the past four decades, the Flames have become a dominant presence in world of college athletics. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Life on Life Deep inside the Football Operations Center there is a man in an office that, like Liberty University’s founder Jerry Falwell Sr., has a vision for Liberty athletes. Dr. Ed Gomes is the Director of the Spiritual Development program for the football team and as the spiritual leader …

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