From the Desk


Sports bring out the best in people. It seems that every day there is a touching story about teams or athletes spreading hope and happiness to kids or adults with terminal diseases or special needs. But sports also bring out the worst in people. In competition, reputations, bragging rights, wins, …

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Two- sport star


College students are required to budget their time wisely in order to balance assignments and a social life. Add in the responsibilities of being an athlete, and living by a highly structured schedule becomes even more necessary. Throw in a second sport and a new, rare breed of student-athlete has …

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Flames first-in-class

STUDENTS FIRST — All Flames have access to a variety of academic assistance.  Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

Student-athletes continue to be successful on and off the field and court Liberty University athletes are known to dominate on the field, but a little known fact is that they do the same in the classroom. With an overall GPA of 3.10, Liberty student-athletes fare even better than the rest …

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Athletes display academic strength

Brains and brawn — Student athletes receive private tutoring. Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

Rigorous studies and high GPAs prove that Liberty athletes are successful on more than just the court and field Practice, classes, study, condition, repeat. This is the typical schedule for Liberty University’s student athletes. While Liberty University’s athletic teams’ success can clearly be seen on the field and court, with …

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Editorial: The effects of one-and-done

Let the athletes, not the NBA, decide their fate Derrick Battle – The last player to be drafted out of high school to the NBA was Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson in 2005. Since then, the NBA has said that players must be one year removed from high school or …

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