Ending on a high note

Dedicated — Stephen Christian, along with other band members, decided to stop after many years together to pursue other options such as business and ministry careers. Photo provided

After 12 years, Christian band Anberlin says goodbye with Farewell Tour Hundreds of cities, millions of fans and countless hours on the road. All of these things make up the life of Stephen Christian, lead singer of the widely known alternative rock band Anberlin. With carefully styled brunette hair, a …

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Anberlin rocks Vines

Ending with an encore — The Vines Center filled with cheering students as Anberlin preformed in  a self-titled concert, Sept. 23.  Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

The large crowd outside the Vines Center is extremely restless. Some of them have been waiting since 1:30 p.m. to obtain premium seats or standing space. Others have just arrived, tickets in hand, waiting for the huge metal doors to finally open like they were supposed to do at 7 …

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