Tribute to the Armed Forces

honor — Several events took place during Military Emphasis Week in order to give recognition to past and present U.S. soldiers who have fought for America’s freedoms. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

Office of Military Affairs hosts time of appreciation for service members Liberty University held its yearly Military Emphasis Week (MEW) Nov. 3-11 to honor current members of the military as well as veterans. The week kicked off Nov. 3 with the Military Night of Remembrance to honor military members who …

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From the Desk


Perhaps you heard about President Barack Obama’s White House remarks this past Thursday. Or maybe you just heard about his tan suit. Either way, Obama definitely made an impression on Americans through his address, although not many were left impressed. During his speech, Obama spoke about the Islamic State of …

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All Americans deserve the right to vote

DISENFRANCHISED — In 2010, 5.85 million Americans could not vote due to a prior felony conviction. Google Images

Past imprisonment should not disqualify felons and ex-convicts from participating in the democratic system Attorney General Eric Holder has recently been ramping up his actions within the Department of Justice in contrast to his first few dormant years under the Obama Administration. With this new second wind, Holder has been …

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Sochi passes the torch

making their nation proud — Russia took the crown as the top nation in the Winter Games. Wikimedia

The Americans finished second in the total medal count to host country Russia Olympic expectations for Team USA are always extraordinary. Some athletes live up to the hype, while some falter under the bright lights. Despite finishing second in the medal count to host country Russia, the United States still …

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