Feb 12, 2008

Date Auction determines if "The price is right . . . for Love"

by Bridgett Scales
With Valentine’s Day approaching, no one wants to be alone, and for several students involved in the date auction, solitude no longer has to be an option. Hosts Elizabeth DeLeon and Jessica Driver not only headed up the date auction called, “The Price is Right…for Love,” but they also made Valentine’s Day one to remember for students and bidders. The purpose of the auction was to raise money and to increase student unity. The event took place in DeMoss 1114 on Feb. 7.

“We wanted this date auction to be diverse, and I think we were able to accomplish that. We went about getting those that we know either personally or through co-workers, we asked Resident Assistants, athletes, scholarly students and those that participate in campus ministries, among others,” Driver said.

DeLeon and Driver, who had already selected contestants to be auctioned off, eagerly hoped for bidders. All bidders were given red paper heart signs to raise when they wanted to bid on a contestant. It did not take long for the room to fill with these signs as students quickly decided which contestant was a worthy date-mate.

In the beginning on the auction, the contestants were being auctioned off anywhere from $10 to $40, until Stephen Konyndyk swept Kelly Scoggins off her feet for a total of $96.

Some contestants were nervous or shy at the thought of meeting a total stranger or their crush. Maya King, a contestant at the auction said, “I felt horrible being auctioned off. I wanted to go home and hide under my bed!” Lucky for her, she did not have to worry about the auction too much. She was later saved by her close friend, Patrick Galla, for $25.

Not only did the contestants feel a sense of timidity, the bidders did, too, especially Lori Bobo, who already had her contestant in mind.

“I came to bid on Alex McLean,” Bobo said. When asked how much she would offer for him, she replied, “I’m hoping I will get him for $40, but I’m willing to empty my purse out for him.”

She did just that. Bobo and a friend won the bidding battle over both Liberty University basketball stars, Alex Mclean and TeeJay Bannister, for a grand total of $115.

Toward the end of the night, everyone felt more comfortable, and the auction became laid-back and fun to watch. As each contestant went up with hopes of being auctioned off for a high price, the contestants started to bring out their personality as well. Kyle Kupecky of Crimson Flood chose to serenade the ladies with a song. The lady that was swept off her feet got Kupecky for $13.

Horace Michaels, another contestant being auctioned off, said, “It was fun, although I didn’t want to feel cheap, either.” The contestants and bidders will meet once again on their group date to T.G.I. Fridays on Feb. 17. Contact Bridgett Scales at bascales@liberty.edu.
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