Apr 11, 2006

Cooley wins SGA elections

by Joanne Tang, Asst. News Editor

The ballots have been cast, the votes have been tallied, the numbers have rolled in and Nathan Cooley, 21, has been chosen as next year’s new student body president. 

“I work for Student Life,” said Cooley, “and we were setting up for Casting Crowns that night, so I didn’t really celebrate.” 

His plans for the next school year range from reaching out to the community to putting chocolate chips back into the dining hall. 

Last week, Cooley was calm and collected when it came to his campaign. He and opponent Emily Ahmet set up in the halls of DeMoss. Both candidates were on hand to interact with students and faculty.

Ahmet had short animated clips playing on a laptop, and Cooley and his campaign aides set up a sitting area using one of the couches in DeMoss. While students streamed by on their way in and out of classes, the two addressed issues about which they were concerned. 

Ahmet wanted to work on campus beautification, making Liberty more aesthetically attractive, and doing things such as putting water back in the fountain in the courtyard. 

Cooley said he would like to see development on a campus-wide transportation system. 

He would also like to keep continuing community outreach programs like “Campus Cleanup.” 

“There are so many things that can be done for the community,” said Cooley. He said he wanted to see projects get started even if he wasn’t going to be the one to finish them. A senior Kinesiology major, he recently worked with other students on a Habitat for Humanity project. 

“I have a really strong desire to let God work through us,” Cooley said. “(Spiritual growth) is a decision that has to start with each person.” 

He said he wanted students to feel a unity and togetherness, “like Captain Planet.” 

Regarding the role of SGA in the framework of the university, Cooley said they would like to be “the Alka-Seltzer in the cup of water that is Liberty University,” providing energy and effervescence.

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