Dec 2, 2008

White glove unhanded

by Amanda Thomason

As the semester comes to an end, students prepare to return home to relax and recoup from a long and busy semester. Before leaving campus they must complete one final diligent task: white glove check.

Liberty’s process of making sure the dorms are clean before the semester ends involves each student cleaning their rooms according to the requirements given to them, which include clean baseboards and dishes, vacuumed floors and the disposal of perishable food.
White glove was created to maintain orderly rooms throughout the year. The Office of Student Leadership strives to make each Liberty dorm a clean and safe living environment for all students on campus, according to Vice President for Student Affairs Mark Hine.

Residential Assistants (RA) are required to inform students of their responsibilities during an extended hall meeting the Tuesday before white glove, during which all expectations are presented and students are able to ask questions. Once the meeting ends, students can sign up for the time they want their rooms to be checked before leaving for break.

All dorms around campus have the same cleanliness requirements and are expected to uphold them.

“The biggest change for me was going from Main Campus to East Campus. Suddenly I had to take into account cleaning a kitchen, living room and full bathroom,” returning RA and junior Nate Nettekoven said.

Each RA checks the students’ rooms to make sure that everything is in order and they are clean according to the set standards.

Students who do not complete their jobs properly will be required to clean again until the room is acceptable.

After the student leaves, each Resident Director goes to every room with the RA to ensure all jobs have been completed and were checked sufficiently. This is a time-consuming process, but leaves the campus properly maintained and ready for the next semester.

“The amount of paperwork necessary for getting everything done is tiresome, but it is part of a bigger picture of ministering to the guys,” RA and senior Preston Turpin said. “I try to motivate them through encouraging them that one day their wives will appreciate their ability to clean, and it can become a very effective way to love their wives.”

How long it takes to clean a room depends on students, and if they have kept up with weekly cleanliness checks throughout the semester. Sophomore Lauren Keating said it took her a few hours to clean last year in order to be checked off. Even though it was a difficult task, she said it was nice to have a clean room when she returned from Christmas break.

“White glove takes me a little longer than some because I am OCD, so it takes me a few hours. The worst part about the process is cleaning the bathroom … it is pretty nasty,” sophomore Mark Misiano said.

The end of the semester can be a stressful time for many students as they prepare for finals and start packing for the holidays.

Liberty has multiple entertainment events during the last days of the fall semester. Christmas convocation, Coffeehouse and open dorms are popular among the students, but white glove is not normally something students show extreme excitement about.

“White glove to me is an example of life, sometimes we have to do things that we may not want to do at that time, but in the end we benefit from them,” Keating said.


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