Nov 17, 2009

Campus Artist Series promotes food drive

by Mallory Barks

Student Activities partnered with Helping Hands Across America to host a canned food drive at the Campus Artist Series Thursday, Nov. 12 in the Tilley Student Center. The cans will be donated to The Daily Bread, a local food bank, to benefit people in the Lynchburg area.

The Campus Artist Series featured Todd Rukes and Grant Ragsdale, Quick On My Feet and The Fostered.

Rukes and Ragsdale opened the show with acoustic guitars and upbeat pop songs.

Rukes, a member of the ministry team Exodus, has previously performed in the Campus Artist Series, Convocation and Coffeehouse. Ragsdale has also performed with Rukes in Coffeehouse.

Rukes started performing in preschool and now writes his own songs based on his experiences.

“I enjoy … seeing the audience have a good time,” Rukes said. “Hopefully my music will brighten someone’s day.”

Rukes finished the set with “Lullaby,” a song he wrote describing his relationship with Christ.

Liberty students Ben Sooy, Lee Campbell and Zach Marsh, along with Zach Mann from Richmond have been playing together in Quick on My Feet since the spring. With their classic rock sound, the band played five songs including “Fear and Trembling,” about Abraham’s sacrifice in the Bible.

After Quick On My Feet, The Fostered ended the show in a punk-rock style. Liberty student Peter Fraedrich led the three-man band on guitar, while Kenny Galvacky played bass and Scott Boyce played drums.

Although The Fostered has been a band for about a year and half, the current three members have only been playing together for a few months, according to Fraedrich. The band is currently unsigned but is managed by Broken Box Entertainment. The Fostered has performed in several venues around the country, including at the 2008 RED Event on Liberty’s campus, according to Fraedrich.

The members of The Fostered write their own songs based on personal experiences.

“Each of the guys in the group has a storied past, (which) provides us with a myriad of things to write about,” Fraedrich said. “We can reach people the best by writing about what we know.”

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