Mar 7, 2006

Mission: Spring Break

by Katelyn Fletcher
Spring break is quickly approaching and the student body will venture across the U.S. and other counties on its week off of school. Many students are just going home; back to work for a week or spending some time with their families. Others are going to lay their week off down for Christ by serving in the Mission’s field.

Liberty is taking five trips: two within the LU Global program and three with Light ministries. Dr. Ergun Caner is going to take students to Israel for a three credit hour Theology class, as well.

LU Global is sending out two teams. One is highly focused on prayer. The group of 17 is going to Romania for the whole week for only $1,500 a person . Once they are there they will be praying, evangelizing, worshiping and helping where they are needed. They will be staying in a smaller village of a few hundred.

They want their work in Romania to reflect the way Jesus ran his ministry. Donald Hardison who is co-heading the trip with Nathan Smith, said, “the way Jesus worked: prayer, ministry, prayer” is exactly what their main goal is. Hardison said they will be praying hopefully three to four hours everyday.

The team has already met every Thursday morning to pray for specific things on the trip. All the members of the team have lessons each week they go through and they have all fasted different things every week. They have already or are going to fast: media, sweets, fast food, meats and caffeine.

Marybeth Dickersons and Ashley Shay are sophomores at Liberty and are going on the trip. Dickersons said she is “not feeling like it’s real yet.”

The other LU Global Missions group is heading to the beach. They are going to be doing boardwalk evangelism almost everyday on the white beaches of Daytona, Fla. The first two days they will have intense training on sharing the gospel. The rest of the week they are going to walk out on the sand and share.

Some of the students are a little nervous about walking up to strangers and sharing the truth, but they are also very excited. There are about 25 people going. They are driving down and will be leaving on March 10.

On a quite different type of sand, Dr. Ergun Caner will be walking with his group of 250 students in Israel. Caner said along with viewing sites, there will also be a worship team there. He said they should be spending more time at each spot than most tour groups. It will be most students first trip going to the place where Jesus died. Caner said it will be a “Spiritual mountaintop experience.”

Caner stated that he takes, “No work to Israel.” He wants to spend time one-on-one with students on the buses, planes, etc. As far as it being a class, the extra time they spend at each site will be an interactive lecture. It is a three credit hour class, which counts for either Theology 201 or 202. He said he wants to take another group next year or sometime soon whenever students want to go.

Last time Liberty went in a group to Israel was with Dr. Jerry Falwell a few years ago and there were 1,500 in that group.
“I can't wait to go to Israel, there is no other place in the world I would rather go during spring break. I can relax and go to the beach any other time, but an Israel trip is a once in a lifetime thing,” said sophomore Aaron Richards.

Light Ministry is going on three trips: Argentina, Germany and Southeast Asia. The Argentina group is going to be focused on children's ministry, pastoral care, discipleship, evangelism and prison ministry. This trip cost $2,000 for each student.

The Germany trip will also be $2,000 per student. They will be focusing on university and student ministry, discipleship and evangelism, pre-evangelism ministry and teach
English as a second language in public schools.

Finally, the Southeast Asia trip will be centered on university and student ministry, discipleship and relationship building. Light Ministry is very focused on training and preparing students for their trips.

Whether or not you choose to go on a missions trip or walk where Jesus walked in Israel, the groups would appreciate prayer for their safety and for God’s guidance.

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