Mar 24, 2009

Rumors dispelled: basketball courts flooded

by Anthony Barone

Upon entering the LaHaye Student Union basketball courts a few weeks ago, students eager to add to the ever-present rhythm of balls thudding, sneakers squeaking and students shouting, encountered nothing but an empty gymnasium filled with the hum of industrial-sized fans.

On March 1, ambitions of greatness, competition and fun had to be put on hold at LaHaye for a few days.

According to Lee Beaumont, director of auxiliary services, on Sunday around 1 a.m. the “pool overflowed and water got into the substructure of the basketball courts.”

Since the flooring is made out of wood, serious harm including warping could have happened to the courts, but fortunately the situation was handled appropriately.

“It was identified quickly and dryers were brought in to eliminate the water before any damage could be done to the courts,” Beaumont said.
In days following the flooding, rumors began circulating around the

“I heard that the pool flooded and they were going to have to pull up all the existing hardwood flooring and have new hardwood flooring installed,” sophomore Tim Lindner said.

The student union currently has five courts and replacing just one could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, the only thing that had to be replaced were the spacers, which were removed to let air flow underneath the courts to dry the floor properly.

Over the next few days, students were unable to walk or play on the basketball courts.

“We had an (intramural) game cancelled,” said sophomore Wilson
Proulx. “I always play with my friends on Tuesday and Thursday, but we missed out on it because the courts were closed.”

Students use the facilities every day for intramural basketball. Any additional delays in play could have caused problems with the season's tournaments.

In addition, some students were unable to finish homework. Sophomore Isaiah Luce, and other students, fulfill class requirements by playing basketball.

“I was not able to complete my assignment for kinesiology class,” Luce said. “I need to do a cardio workout everyday. “

While the courts at North Campus were closed, Liberty did attempt to accommodate students by providing the use of the Schilling Center’s basketball courts.

Additionally, the East Campus court and the basketball hoop next to David’s Place were available to students.

After four days of drying, the courts at the LaHaye Student Union were opened and returned to regular use.

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