Mar 7, 2006

Steve Saint brings Amazon tribe to life

by Kari Mitchell

Steve Saint, 5 at the time, remembers watching his father fly into the jungles of the Amazon every day, he told students at the March 1 convocation. He remembers one day in particular, the day his dad did not come back. His mother had told him that his father had made contact with an Amazonian tribe, the Waodani Indians.

Saint’s father never returned to his family. His father, Nate Saint, was speared. “My whole universe revolved around my dad,” he said. Saint’s dad and four other missionaries gave their lives for the Waodani.

Even after the loss of these missionaries, Saint’s family continued praying for and ministering to the Waodani people. His Aunt Rachel was invited to live with the tribe. His mother and his two siblings moved to Quito, Ecuador, where they would visit Rachel and the Amazonian tribe during the summer.

Still only a young boy, Saint said, “I want to go meet these people.”

Those were the people that killed his father, but also the people his family continued to love and share the gospel with. He met the men who speared his father at the age of 10 and was baptized by the Waodani at the age of 13. The tribe that once killed his father embraced Saint as family.

The movie “End of the Spear” depicts the events that happened. Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint, one of five missionaries who were killed in 1956. He personally brought this message to Liberty University during convocation on March 1.

In his message, Saint emphasized the point to be obedient to what God wants for each of our lives. One misconception that many Christians have is that they think God needs them. “You think he needs us to do His bidding? I don’t think so,” said Saint.

Nate Saint’s love for the Waodoni Indians in the Amazon jungles had a significant impact on his son. Even though they had murdered his father, Saint continued to love the tribe. “My dad died for those hands,” said Saint.

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