Oct 6, 2009

Good conversation, good coffee: Liberty’s Page Turners

by Lee Sandy

One free tall coffee, snacks and 20 percent off “A Raisin in the Sun” were enjoyed by 15 students last Tuesday at Liberty’s Barnes and Noble’s new book club, Page Turners.

Page Turners is a joint venture between Liberty’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore and the English and Modern Languages Department. Professors from the department will lead topical book discussions for the remainder of the semester. All students, faculty, staff and Lynchburg residents are encouraged to get involved.

The club’s first meeting was hosted by English Professor Dr. Karen Prior and Dr. Matthew Towles, who led the discussion about the book that will be performed later in the semester by the Theatre Arts Department.

Page Turners’ main function is to discuss various books that hold common interest among Liberty students, faculty, staff and other students in the greater Lynchburg region, according to Ellen Mayes, Liberty Bookstore’s head manager.

She helped formulate the idea of developing the book club along with Dr. Prior. Both see it as a great opportunity for developing a more social atmosphere within the context of the Liberty Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

“The bookstore discounts the book club books by 20 percent and provides the group with a free tall coffee the night of the meeting,” Mayes said. “It is easy to get involved. Simply purchase the book and sign up on the sheet at the book information desk on the upper level of the bookstore.”

Prior hosts each meeting and is in charge of selecting the books that will be discussed in Page Turners discussion groups. She sees the book club as a great way for people to get involved in their local community.

“I am selecting books that appeal to a wide audience within the university community as well as the larger Lynchburg community,” Prior said. “I hope that the book club will bring people from across the university and Lynchburg together through a common interest.”
She also said that she is trying her best to get more than just English faculty involved and hopes the discussion will be led in the future by professors that lead in other areas of the university.

Dr. Bruce Bell, dean of the School of Business, will be leading the next discussion on the book, “The Last Lecture” Tuesday,
Nov. 17.

The book is about the inspirational speech given by late professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University who was dying of cancer. He spoke on achieving dreams and everything out of life possible. His speech inspired many people to make more of their lives, was shared online and even published in 35 languages.

“In our discussion, we’ll be looking at some famous ‘last words’ of historic and biblical figures, and compare them to some of Pausch’s thoughts,” Bell said. “What might we share if we were to deliver a ‘last lecture’ to sum up our lives?”

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