Feb 2, 2010

Preview LOST the final season

by Jordan LoSasso

There was an unchartered island lost in the South Pacific. There was an event, a freak plane crash that revealed a mystery. That mystery captured television viewers across the globe.

Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m., the story that became an entertainment phenomenon will reach the beginning of the end, and destiny will finally be found.

The mystery of the tropical island that has healing power and the ability to travel through time, led by a little known character named Jacob that often communicates through the dead has many viewers looking for answers.

Answers that “Lost” fans have been searching for and theorizing about on numerous Web sites, blogs and message boards devoted solely to the show. These informational outlets allow the devoted to truly grasp the concepts and ideas of each particular episode and how they relate to the mythology of the show as a whole.

For me personally, the conclusion of the show is a double-edged sword. My unparalleled love for the show wishes it would continue until I am no longer able to dedicate so much time and effort keeping up with the nuances of the entertainment spectacle.

However, since I have put so much of my past several years into theorizing, reasoning and guessing at the solutions to each mystery, I am ready to finally know the truth. No longer do I want to spend two hours of my night researching “Lost” when I should be working on a paper or article due the next day.

Why spend so much time researching “Lost?” Every true and sincere “Lost” fan knows that each new episode usually takes a couple of hours of research to fully understand the depth of everything that happened in 42 minutes of show time. I need to know everything the characters on the island learned since crashing onto the island.

Since that fateful day on Sept. 22, 2004, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have discovered the unbelievable, experienced the unknown and died fighting for their causes. We have seen Jack Shephard obsess over finding a way off the island and John Locke kill to remain where they were destined to crash.

The outward battle between Locke and Jack represent an underlying, yet crucial, theme to the spirituality of “Lost.” The inner conflict debates whether truth is found in destiny and faith or free will and reason. Locke is a man of faith, and Jack has been a man of science, at least until recent revelations towards the end of season five. Most indications also point to this being the struggle between Jacob and his nemisis in black.

Speaking of the most romanticized and oddly loved character on “Lost”, Locke has demonstrated attributes always possessed by villains, yet is still viewed by fans as a hero.

Locke has killed, Locke has manipulated, and yet Locke is still beloved. It is disturbing and puzzling. The true identity and motivation of Locke will surely be revealed early this season, especially since the last two things we saw him do in the season five finale was convince Ben to kill Jacob and simultaneously lay dead in a large, bulky crate.

Fortunately for us, season six will also bring back supposed deceased character favorites in some form, such as Charlie Pace, Libby, Michael and Boone. Claire, who vanished into the vast jungle, will reappear as a series regular.

These characters have long been significant to wrap up mysteries still left unexplained, like why Claire was seen talking to her father Christian Shephard, who was aboard Flight 815 in a casket, in the ghost-like cabin presumably occupied by either Jacob or his nameless nemesis.

The final season promises to satisfy our quest for the truth. Truths to the meaning of the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, the origins of “The Others,” who was aboard the slave ship named the “Black Rock,” what is the history of Jacob’s relationship with his nemesis (the man in black) and why our adored characters were chosen to come to the island.

Sadly, every great story must come to an end, but the answers are coming.

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