Aug 28, 2007

Memorial garden currently under construction

by Christi Corbin, News Reporter

A burial garden will soon surround former Chancellor Jerry Falwell’s gravesite.

Construction began a couple weeks ago for the new addition behind the Carter Glass mansion.  Students can see a rendering of the burial garden at the construction site.

The oval-shaped burial garden,  overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, will be a place where students can sit and reflect.  New Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said that the site will serve as a haven for students, according to an article run by the Liberty Journal.

The garden will cover 120 feet by 80 feet and will be surrounded by walls that match the mansion.  Inside the garden will be an eternal flame and a water fountain directly in front of the gravesite. 

“Construction should be completed in the next 6-8 weeks,” said Lee Beaumont, Director of Auxiliary Services.

Lee Beaumont said Proctor Harvey, who oversaw the LU monogram project, is now directly in charge of the burial garden and it largely the reason why construction is progressing so well. Harvey was also a personal friend of Dr. Falwell and wanted the burial garden to be a very special place for the friends, family and students of LU.

Harvey worked closely with the family on the decisions for the burial garden.

In a Liberty Journal article by Ron Brown, Falwell Jr. said, “The family is honored that it’s going to be such a beautiful and lasting tribute.”

Beaumont said that after Dr. Falwell’s death the family met and decided to go ahead with the plans for a memorial on campus.  “Dr. Falwell loved LU and the students,” Beaumont said. “The family felt the most appropriate place for the memorial would be at the mansion where he was buried.”

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