Mar 30, 2010

Letter to the editor

by Zachary L. Martin

I watched the recent public hearing held by City Council regarding the relocation of the polling place for Ward III, Precinct IV to accommodate the vast majority of voters in that precinct who happen to live on Liberty University’s campus.

It was shameful for Walter Fore to begin the hearing by repeating his recollection of comments made by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. in a conversation that occurred nearly 50 years ago. According to Walter Fore, Dr. Falwell stated that colored children would never be admitted to the newly formed Lynchburg Christian Academy. Of course, students of all colors were admitted to LCA and the first black student who applied to LCA was, in fact, accepted, according to Falwell’s autobiography.

Later in the hearing, a Liberty University employee read from Dr. Falwell’s autobiography how Dr. Falwell was criticized for allowing black children to attend a youth camp on Treasure Island in the 1960s. Segregation was the law of the land in the early 1960s and, while Dr. Falwell did not become an opponent of segregation as soon as he later said he should have, he was one of the first well-known conservative Christian leaders in the South to denounce segregation along with Billy Graham. Dr. Falwell founded a university that never discriminated and now has a greater population of African-Americans by percentage than most secular universities.

So, why would Walter Fore, a self-proclaimed Civil Rights Activist, attempt to cause racial division and strife by recalling a conversation that he supposedly had with Dr. Falwell over 50 years ago? The answer is that liberal politicians like Walter Fore can never let racism die. Their bitterness is now their calling card instead of a capacity for growing along with a nation that changed. It is their claim to fame and their excuse for supporting more government, more taxes and more regulation.

Shame on Walter Fore but kudos to the Liberty University students of all races who ignored his divisive comments and stood up for their university in that public hearing! The new generation has moved beyond the racial divisions and strife of the 1960s and 1970s that allowed the elitists in both political parties to rule by dividing and conquering the races. This generation does not look at race, even if the older one does.

Zachary L. Martin
Liberty Student

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