Nov 10, 2009

Center4ME honors professor

by Matthew Coleman

There are many ways to examine the ability and success of a leader. When judging Dr. Yaw Adu-Gayamfi, individuals need to look no further than the testimonies of
those he has impacted.

“Dr. Adu-Gayamfi is incredibly understanding and compassionate in his approach as a professor,” graduate student Christopher Robinson said. “He was always willing to extend his assistance far above and beyond what was ever required.”

“Dr. Adu-Gayamfi would not hesitate to sacrifice his personal time to make sure your problems are solved,” senior Betina Ofori said.

Throughout the 10 years Adu-Gayamfi has been at Liberty, he has never stopped trying to improve the university or the students he teaches. In recognition of his services, the Center for Multicultural Enrichment honored him during homecoming week.

“My primary responsibility here at Liberty is to teach,” Adu-Gayamfi said. “However, because of what God has done for me in my personal life, I made a commitment that I would use my talents and knowledge to serve God. I came to Liberty with that primary goal and aim, to offer myself as a sacrifice to serve Him.”

Originally from Ghana, Adu-Gayamfi moved to Canada in 1990 to earn his master’s degree and doctorate in English from the University of Saskatchewan.

Adu-Gayamfi moved to Liberty in 1999 and immediately set out to use his talents and
knowledge for God’s use.

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