Nov 11, 2008

Points on Good Communication

by Melany Pearl

Recommendation to students with opposing views:
The way to talk about opposing views is to implement good communication skills. The problem does not lie with people having a difference of opinion/convictions, but altercations can arise when we do not engage in good communication in our conversations.

If you are having a conversation one-on-one, some things to consider are:
1. Stay out of a someone’s personal space – in many cultures this is seen as intrusive and disrespectful.
2. Listen if you really want to be heard.
3. Provide constructive feedback that is done in a peaceful and respectful manner.

For those who find themselves involved in a group dialogue; why not ask one person to stay out of the discussion to act as a non-biased moderator; so that the conversation can be constructive and not just back-and-forth comments that often prove to lead to nowhere.

If you are a particularly passionate person, you must constantly self-monitor to ensure that you are being understood and not seen as someone who has “gone off the handle.”

How we should handle the 2008 election results:

Do a self-examination by asking:
1. Why do I feel the way I do about this president?
2. How can I be intentional about handling myself in a way so my opinions will truly be heard?
3. Whether you are celebrating or disappointed in Barack Obama’s victory – you must do it in a Christ-like manner.

Advice on dealing with post-election tension:

“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD,” says Leviticus 19:18. Ultimately God is still on the throne and nothing will change that.


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