Apr 11, 2006

Celebrating Easter a new way

by Marcelo Quarantotto

Instead of celebrating the Easter holiday with cream-filled chocolate eggs hidden for small children to find or hollow chocolate rabbits, contemplate ways to spend this holiday in reverence and sobriety. Consider these ideas as welcome alternatives to the meaningless activities and palaver usually associated with the Resurrection Day of our Lord: 

1. Go to a sunrise service. If your church doesn’t have one, look up several churches in your area and attend — you won’t regret it. 

2. Prepare a time with your family and friends to read through the resurrection story or even one of the gospels in entirety. 

3. Instead of filling your stomach with chocolate and jelly beans, make Easter a day for fasting, meditation and prayer. 

4. Plan ahead with distant relatives to reunite and spend the weekend together culminated by a large family feast. 

5. As a replacement to dying eggs, paint a picture of the Easter story as told in the Bible. 

6. If you will be at home, start a family garden and talk about the new life made possible by Christ’s sacrifice. 

7. Consider setting up a family or friend outing such as an acclaimed zoo or park near the area. 

8. Take a hike. Spend a few hours in the woods or on a mountain — a day spent enjoying creation. 

9. Instead of friends buying presents for each other, each could symbolically sacrifice something from life by either not doing a certain activity such as watching TV or playing video games, or by giving away one of their favorite things to someone less fortunate. 

10. Have a picnic with family or friends while doing idea number two. 

These ideas and others like them are great options to the normal methods of spending Easter. Unlike popular understanding, Easter is not a Hallmark holiday. It is a day meant to be reflective and appreciative of what our Savior has done, is doing and will do.

Contact Marcelo Quarantotto at mquarantotto@liberty.edu.

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