Nov 7, 2006

Barrick family hit by drunk driver

by Joanne Tang, News Editor
Director of Alumni Affairs Andy Barrick was involved in a head-on crash Sunday night.

According to WDBJ Channel 7, the accident happened around 8:30 p.m. on Waterlick Road in Bedford County. Barrick was driving with his wife, Linda, and their two children, 15-year-old Jen and 11-year-old Josh, when Corey Peters, 26, plowed into their van as he was trying to evade capture by police.

Peters was drunk and, according to WSET Channel 13, State Police said he had been pulled over for hitting another vehicle on Tim-berlake Road but tried to drive off. He lost control of his vehicle and smashed his pickup truck into the family’s car. He was speeding at approximately 70 mph when he crashed.

Linda is the daughter of Dr. Ed Hindson, Dean of the Institute of Biblical Studies.

The family was on their way back from church and Andy had stopped to pick up dinner at KFC. After speeding away from police, Peters began driving in the same lane as the Barricks’ van without his headlights on, according to Dr. Ron Godwin, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Liberty University.

According to WSET, Peters was also driving without a seatbelt.

According to the News & Advance, Dr. Jerry Falwell contacted Hindson to inform him about the accident and Hindson was already on Waterlick Road in traffic behind the accident.

Falwell told Hindson to get to the scene even if he had to walk.

“They had no warning and no opportunity to avoid (the oncoming car),” said Godwin.

Several helicopters flew in along with several emergency work crews. The family was transported to Lynchburg General, UVa Medical Center and Roanoke Memorial. 

Jen is a student at Liberty Christian Academy. Her head trauma is “very, very serious” and she had not regained consciousness at press time. She was airlifted to UVa Medical Center and is in critical condition.

Andy, who was transported to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, suffered head trauma and a fractured hip joint. He will be going into surgery within three to five days.  He is listed in fair condition. Linda went into surgery Monday afternoon at Lynchburg General Hospital for a broken arm, broken ribs and a broken leg. Josh was the least injured and suffered a broken nose and lacerations. He was initially taken to Roanoke Memorial to be with his father but was later moved to the Carilion Medical Center for Children in Roanoke.

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