Apr 13, 2010

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

Everyday people commit slight idiosyncrasies, some of which cause the individual to end up flat on his or her face. For the most part, such luck only happens occasionally – typically on what could be labeled a “bad day.” However, for a select few, the mishaps occur on a daily basis, making them either incredibly unlucky or just plain clumsy.

Unfortunately for me, I am one of the few who spends more time on flat on her back, staring at the sky than standing upright. My plight tends to make life more interesting for the people who surround me, which is just great for my self-esteem. Normally, I do not mind being people’s source of amusement if only because I’m used to being embarrassed. I have accepted my fate to forever be a klutz.
When I get to this point in the story, most people think that I am exaggerating and seeking attention. I assure you, I am not. For those of you that need proof, just wait.

It was junior year, right after Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on my hometown. I had also just returned from my grandfather’s funeral in Baton Rouge, La. The day consisted of a mix of cloudy, rainy conditions – typical Lynchburg weather. I, like an obedient student, was on my way to convocation. I’m pretty sure it was a Friday morning as I had a speech to give in Communications class right after convo. Oh, and I was wearing a black dress with cute, black ballet flats.

Ordinarily, my keen you’re-going-to-hurt-yourself radar would have kicked in, blaring warning sirens. I guess I was distracted as I walked out the tunnel and successfully crossed the street illegally, following the pack of like-minded convocation attendees. Maybe I had my iPod on or I was texting and walking, which is never a good combination for a clumsy person. Regardless of the circumstances, as I started up the concrete steps outside of the Vines Center, my foot slipped. Apparently, my cute ballet flats had zero traction.

Unfortunately, the story only continues to get more embarrassing. My Spiritual Life Director (SLD) Amanda, who is now my Resident Assistant (RA), was behind me to watch the fall. She rushed up to me with genuine concern for my well being, checked on me and then went to fetch my friend Kat, who was saving me a seat in the Vines Center. At this time, Amanda had only known me for about three months. Kat had known me for almost two years.

When Amanda told Kat what had happened, she just laughed. Not even just a little laugh, but a big, hysterical laugh. To make matters worse (or funnier, depending on who you are), my old roommate Melody happened to see me. She just had one word for me: Again?!

So the next time you fall and land hard on your backside in the middle of DeMoss Hall, just remember there is someone who feels your pain. My advice is to laugh at yourself, it’s what I do.

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