Dec 8, 2009

Dorms boast brilliant Christmas cheer, joyous ornamentation

by Cheryl Cooper

Thanksgiving break is over and final exams loom on the academic horizon as Liberty students strive to capture the Christmas spirit at their home away from home.

Main Campus Dorm 2-2 is a brilliant example of the Christmas spirit, literally. Resident Assistants (RA) Alyssa Coronato and Krystal Greene told girls if they hung Christmas lights around the exterior of their door frames, then they would get free room checks. By Wednesday night, 25 percent of the door frames had been lined in lights.

Greene said that her previous hall had chosen to hang lights in the hallway instead of inside the room so that they could leave them up year-round. The unforeseen result was that the girls spent more time in the hallway than in their rooms. Greene and Coronato said the effect was “unifying.”

“(The lights) make the dorm seem more like home,” Greene said.
Mallory Cook, Jennifer Carlson and Amanda Morris of room 219 on Greene and Coronato’s hall decided to take the home-like feeling to a new level by turning their air conditioning/heating unit into a fireplace. They took a piece of black paper and taped it to the wall just above the unit and attached yellow and orange streamers. When the unit is turned on, the streamers look like flickering flames.

According to Greene, a few students have been asked to take down their decorations, especially Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. Starting this semester, such decorations are considered a fire hazard.

“Students are welcome to decorate for Christmas but should remember the following,” the ‘E-Cog’, a weekly announcement newsletter distributed by resident directors, said. “No ‘live’ trees are permitted in the residence hall. Christmas lights and decorations cannot be hung from the ceiling or attached to ceiling tiles.”

Ashley Topping, Tiffany Towne and Jasper-Lynne Sweazey of Dorm 2-2 room 220 are among the many students who have adapted to this rule. Instead of hanging lights from the ceiling itself, they hung the lights around the rim of the ceiling instead.
For students looking to decorate their rooms, they can take a cue from fellow students, or search the Web for great ideas. Examples of good Web sites include, and

A common decorating idea that can be found in many Liberty dorms is the use of wrapping paper to decorate doors. Wrapping paper is inexpensive and can be used to decorate in a variety of ways.

Another easy decoration is the creation of paper snowflakes. They can be cut and strung together with paperclips to create a garland, according to While white is a traditional color, multicolored snowflakes can brighten a dull dorm room. Making snowflakes out of old assignments or papers with bad grades is also a cheap stress reliever.

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