Nov 10, 2009

MEW Synopsis

by Amanda Thomason

Military Emphasis Week (MEW), Nov. 2-6, impacted many students on Liberty’s campus. Students gathered for various events throughout the week to support American troops and remember those that have fallen in order to ensure the freedom of others.

The week included Convocation on Wednesday, dedicated specifically to MEW. Tim Lee, veteran of the United States Marine Corps, spoke to the student body.

A time of meditation honored three Liberty students who gave their lives to fight for the United States: Jesse Strong, United States Marine Corps, Chrystal Stout, United States Army National Guard and Nicholas Giglio, United States Air Force.

Charles Billingsley and Liberty’s Campus Praise Band performed the song, “You Raise Me Up,” and the students in the Vines Center took a moment to honor those who have fallen in battle, including Liberty students Jesse Strong (Marines), Chrystal Stout (Army) and Nicholas Giglio (Air Force).

MEW was a week of remembrance and appreciation given to those that sacrifice daily in order to preserve and ensure freedom to America and others around the world.

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