Dec 8, 2009

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

Christmas is my favorite time of year. People don’t have to know me very long before they realize just how much I love the Holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving. I start playing Christmas music in September, but I try to refrain for the sake of my quad mates and office mates – it doesn’t last for long, though.

Unlike most people, the Christmas season’s charm does not include cold weather or snow. Rather, my Christmas season is often spent in warmer climates, wearing short sleeves as I am from Houston. I don’t see cold days very often (unless 50 degrees counts). If you don’t believe me, go to and look up “White Christmases in Houston.” Although my city lacks a winter wonderland, Christmas still holds a special place in my heart. To me, Christmas is about love, family and tradition.

In my family, Christmas is reminiscent of a big production. The traditions begin the Friday after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday. A group of us dress in our Christmas sweatshirts or T-shirts (if the weather is warm) that my mom made, and we wake up 3 a.m. to stand in line at various stores. The thing about Black Friday, is that you very rarely buy anything. The shopping spree is more about the laughter and fun that is encountered along the way because of waking up so early and being crowded among so many people.

While the girls in the family are away shopping, the boys are home pulling out the Christmas stuff from the attic and garage. The amount of Christmas paraphernalia that my family has accumulated can easily fill a decent sized room -- or half my garage as we have just moved houses (not cities).

Originally, the Christmas decorating began Saturday after Thanksgiving, but since my sister and I have hit college, we have to begin our decorating earlier. So we come home from shopping, take a power nap and start stringing lights, hanging stockings and placing fake snowmen in various places around the house and yard. When all the lights have been hung, the tree set-up and decorated with my mom’s Precious Moments train circling the tree skirt, my house tends to resemble something from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Although, I love the decorating, the Christmas carols, the Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee and the time I spend with my family, the season is yet another reason for me to share my faith to unbelievers. Each year my local radio station 89.3 KSBJ hosts a campaign called “The Giving Tree.” The Giving Tree allows for individuals to nominate needy families to be put on the radio station’s list in hopes of being sponsored for Christmas. The unique thing about this program is the recipients are often unaware until the sponsor appears on their doorstep, laden with gifts.

This is my favorite Christmas tradition. I love this tradition because it is a perfect example of God’s gift to man.

So my encouragement to you would be to find an organization or adopt a family over the Christmas season. Show them the love of Christ through your actions. And, as cliché as it sounds, remember “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

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