Nov 3, 2009

Q&A with Lecrae

by Amanda Sullivan

On fans who do not like the Christian message:

I’ve only heard of a few people who are die-hard fans who aren’t into my message. I think the average person who is a fan of my music is probably as intense in their walk with the Lord as they’d like to be. I think (my music is) beneficial for anyone out there who’s listening.

On piracy:

I’m sure we lose a lot of revenue. Tons of CDs are burned for every one that is purchased. In some senses, I think it can be irresponsible because it provides jobs for people. (Selling music) makes it so people can still use their skill set to be able to support their families off that. At the same time, I’m not opposed to (copying CDs). I give away tons of my music. If it’s a dire need or an emergency, I would encourage somebody to do whatever needs to happen. At the end of the day, if it’s like ‘my cousin doesn’t know Jesus, and I just had to do something’ — share the Gospel.

On the writing process:

I’m a student of culture. I like to know where the world is and what is going on in the world. I like to address those issues with the Gospel and the Bible. But what I typically do is that I spend time meeting with people, soaking up culture and soaking up mindsets. You know, sit on a city bus and have a conversation with somebody. Talk to people at the concerts — see what issues people are dealing with and what stories the world is telling right now and then try to be so saturated in the Bible that the answers and solutions show up because of my time in the Scriptures. I like to be so saturated in the Scriptures that I bleed it when I am writing. I also like to be so in tune with what is going on with the culture that I can sit down and write and address the issues.

On staying close with God while on the road:

I do a few things. One is my traveling community. I rarely travel by myself. Everyone who travels with me, whether it be a DJ, my wife or another artist, are like-minded individuals that care about the same things I care about. We do devotionals before concerts. We pray together. Our world is wrapped up and saturated in truth. Outside of that, it is staying in the Scriptures, praising God and taking the Bible with you — it’s not too heavy.

On what the audience takes away from a concert:

I hope they will see that God is telling a story, and it’s his story. We have a privilege of being in his story.

Advice to students on making it in the music industry:

Don’t let your character fall behind your talent, which basically says don’t let your talent take you where your character can’t keep you. Regardless of what you are trying to do, practice faithfulness in being a good steward with what God has entrusted to you whether it be your job, career or craft. And be thankful for what God has given you. Be content and steward it well, and God may expand that and he may not. If he does, you’ll be prepared for the bigger platform. I would tell any artist to really take seriously what they’ve been entrusted with, whether it be a talent or an audience and don’t take all the limelight. You’re in direct opposition with God if you want all the glory.

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