Oct 21, 2008

NIV text gets a new handwritten font, celebrates 30th anniversary

by Megan House

Liberty students handwrote 543 verses of the Bible when Zondervan’s “Bible Across America” tour stopped on campus last Tuesday. The tour is celebrating Zondervan’s 30th anniversary of the New International Version (NIV) Bible by crossing the country, giving people an opportunity to contribute to a handwritten Bible.

One of the two handwritten originals will be offered to the Smithsonian Institute and the other will be published. Zondervan expects the handwritten Bible to be on the market sometime between July and September of next year, according to Brooke Paneitz, a tour guide. She said the average Zondervan Bible is around $45, however she expects the handwritten Bible to be slightly more since it will be so large.

Tim Paneitz, another tour guide, said the entire Bible will be handwritten, so it is not a Bible to teach from on Sundays.

“It is a Bible that is meant to have more of a sentimental value to it,” Paneitz said. He is involved with the “Bible Across America” tour because of the opportunity to interact with people.

Panetiz said that he thinks people will purchase the handwritten version because either they wrote in it, or they know someone who wrote in it. The names of the people who wrote a verse will be printed in the back of the Bible.

Freshman Jade Philbrick plans to purchase the handwritten Bible when it comes out. She said she participated because she thought it was a really unique idea.

“I wanted to have something that I could look back on and show my kids ‘this is what I did in college’ and to make a mark in history,” Philbrick said.

Lauren Vickers, a senior, participated because she thought it was interesting.

“I wanted to be a part of it,” Vickers said. “It will be cool to have a Bible that is written by a lot of different people throughout the nation.”


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