Feb 2, 2010

Comedian gives Christian perspective

by Tiffany Edwards

The Conservative Strategy Conference, sponsored by Liberty’s chapter of College Republicans, was to be held Saturday, Jan. 30, but was canceled due to snow. With none of the scheduled speakers able to make it to the event, the College Republicans had to think fast to give the students who had showed up something to do.

Enter Steven Crowder.
Crowder had performed at a 45-minute comedy show the evening before, with more than 950 students in attendance at the Tilley Student Center, according to Second Vice Chair of College Republicans Zach Martin. Crowder was also slated to host the six-hour conference, which would have featured all seven congressional candidates from Virginia’s fifth district, but Crowder was the only one who could make it.

Crowder held a 30-minute forum for the students in attendance, in which he emphasized the importance of being an outspoken Christian conservative. Crowder deviated from his normal comedic satire, and touched on some of the more serious topics facing Christian college students today.

Crowder on America
“One good thing that I will say about Barack Obama is that he has overreached so fast and so far that people in America are now vigilant,” Crowder said. “(Young conservatives) were a minority for a long time. But now, everyday Americans who listen to (the rock band) Green Day and … hate America because Green Day told them to are starting to say ‘Wait a minute, I’m going to have to inherit this debt.’”

Crowder on relating to the world
“As Christians, when we get out in the world, it’s important to be real and to be relevant to people. I don’t mean to say that you need to start being ‘of the world’ but it is very important right now … to reach out to them. People’s hearts are open, people’s minds are open.”

Crowder on the Democratic Party
“Honestly, I don’t see how anyone can be a Christian and justify voting for today’s Democratic party, who runs on the platform of ruining what God defines as marriage and slaughtering millions of babies. I don’t think that a Christian can justify voting for that.”

Crowder on Christians in business and social ethics
“As Christians in business, it is incredibly important not just to let your light shine, but your faith needs to permeate every area of your life. Especially when you go to school, when you are in the workplace, so that people will see it. If people see you as a cheat … and then you tell them, ‘Hey, I’m a Christian’ then they’re going to say, ‘Hey that guy’s a jerk.’ Don’t go to a restaurant and witness to the waiter, and then stiff him on the tip. That’s the worst thing that you can do as a Christian. “

Crowder’s message was marked with his trademark sense of humor, but maintained a note of urgency, and he repeatedly emphasized the importance of getting involved in American society.

“I hate to quote Obama, but be the change that you seek,” Crowder said in referring to Christians in secular America. “If you want to bring about actual change, it has to happen politically first.”

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