Feb 10, 2009

From the Desk

by Amanda Baker, Editor-in-Chief

I thought it would interest you to know that Liberty University was mentioned in the latest issue of a major fashion magazine.

I could just leave you hanging with that statement, but I will expound so I don’t ruin your day.

My roommate brought an article in the fashion magazine to my attention last night entitled, “Dating the Evangelical Way.” The article was actually an interview with a former Liberty student. The interview focused on his observations of relationships at Liberty, specifically the dating dynamics around campus.

“I came from this third-wave feminist thing where you don’t hold open doors or pull out chairs. And I’d never properly gone out on a date. At (my old school), it was your typical college hookup culture: go to a party and case out your options. People would hook up and then date. At Liberty … you have to ask the girl out in the right way, hold doors, pull out chairs. I had to get tutored on this. I thought I’d be terribly frustrated, but there was a lot about dating (at Liberty) that I sort of liked,” the student said in the interview.

His observation of the respect shown to women at Liberty was accurate, and is something that makes our school stand out in a good way.

Liberty guys, for the most part, know how to treat women right. Doors are opened, encouraging notes are sent, and for the occasional music major, songs are written. I’ve even had guy friends say they are praying for me on a regular basis. And once a year, during the epoch of love (also known as Valentine’s Day), flowers and other similar sentiments are sent.

While flowers and chocolate might not be every girl’s thing, something has to be said for the thought behind the action. Being loved and respected in a godly way beats warding off catcalls at a drunken party any day.

So thank you, former Liberty student, for confirming that the men at Liberty care about women’s integrity and value more than one-night stands.

Congratulations, guys. Chivalry lives, after all.

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