Jan 27, 2009

iThoughts on the iPod

by Christopher Scott, Opinion Reporter

Among college student, the consensus is that for mp3 players—iPod is the one and only. After all, Apple (the creator of all things good) gives us everything we think we might need to entertain ourselves in life.

Apple designers did the best they could to implement beauty, simplicity and usability into the many iPod models we have on the market today.
But is iPod the unquestionable leader in the world of portable mp3 players? Are there products out there that can match up in quality to what the iPod has in overbearing popularity? Let’s take a look at some of the major, over-looked flaws the iPod has that might bring you to a startling conclusion. But, be wary fellow iPod users, because what you read may disturb you.

First off, let’s nail an obvious design flaw found in all iPods—the lack of an ON/OFF button. Since the creation of the very first electronic devices, mankind has been intuitive enough to understand the basic concept of an ON/OFF button. We love the fact that there are some things in our lives that can simply be switched “ON” and “OFF” instantly. We love it, and we wish there were more things in life that had this feature. We do not want this taken away, and we certainly do not want to hold down a separately labeled button for several seconds to turn things off. That is a big turn-off.

A second major issue with most models of the iPod is the classic screen-freeze problem. Many iPod consumers have found themselves in the dilemma of having their iPods transform into a frozen-vegetative state. It is not that they cannot play music, they simply stop trying. This can sometimes happen spontaneously without ever dropping or damaging your iPod. No one likes frozen veggies, and that’s a fact.

The most inarguably prominent issue with all iPods is the appalling fact that consumers can only have their pods synced with one computer at a time. Unfortunately, this reality is not often realized until the unsuspecting iPod owner gets a new computer or wants to put his iTunes library on a separate computer. Having to go through this hassle after paying hundreds of dollars for the device is not just unnecessary, it’s indecent.

Regardless of whether you are an iPod fan or not, there is no denying the blatant disadvantages of using an iPod. Music lovers should consider other products like the Microsoft Zune, or the Creative Zen, before jumping to purchase what everyone else already has.

Conventional preferences are proven wrong from time to time, and let’s face it—iPods are taking over the world. Let’s do our job as Americans and attempt to not conform in this petty but extremely relevant issue in our lives.

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