Feb 16, 2010

Jadan Horyn Elected 2nd Vice Chair

by Sarah Stockslager

Senior Jadan Horyn was elected Second Vice Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Virginia (CRFV) at the organization’s annual convention in December of 2009.

Just over a month later, Horyn, a government major with a specialization in politics and policy, became the First Vice Chairman of CRFV after the elected officer resigned mid-January.

Horyn initially planned to seek re-election as treasurer at the annual convention. However, when the student running for the position of Second Vice Chairman stepped down the day before the election, Horyn decided to run.

“I really felt that it was necessary to the CRFV to move forward,” Horyn said.

It was a close race, according to the chairman of the Liberty University chapter of the College Republicans Caleb Mast. He said that Horyn won by one vote.

The election was secret ballot, and each chapter of the CRFV was allocated votes based on the size of their chapter, Liberty’s chapter being the largest, according to Horyn.

Horyn became the first Liberty University student ever to be elected to the CRFV,.Originally from Easton, Pa., Horyn has been in the CRFV since December 2008 when he was elected treasurer.

“Liberty was underrepresented … I really felt that Liberty really needed to know what was going on statewide,” Horyn said.
Horyn’s duties as the second in command of CRFV are to assist Chairman Lena Morrill of Sweet Briar College in appointing College Republicans within district committees, taking part in conference calls and attending bimonthly meetings, appointing members to the executive committees and evaluating each chapter’s constitution annually, according to Horyn.

Morrill works closely with Horyn to coordinate political activities across Virginia.

“We work closely in preparing for the new year, attending meetings with the party, and supporting College Republican (CR) activities across the state.”

Morrill says that the CRFV provides a link between the Republican Party of Virginia and the more than 30 chapters of College Republicans in Virginia.

“The CRFV exists to support the Republican Party of Virginia by mobilizing conservative students on college campuses across the Commonwealth to support the Republican nominee,” Mast said.
Horyn said he enjoys being able to travel and work with all the chapters across the state. He also finds it rewarding to meet and foster young leaders and make decisions on the inside. He says the experience is “completely unparalleled.”

Horyn encourages Christians to get involved in politics, especially college students because they are “idealistic.”

“At this age, you have the time, the ability,” Horyn said. “We really can change the world.”

Horyn believes Christians should participate in politics because of passages like Micah 6:8, Zechariah 7:9 and Psalms 106:3 that point out God requires Christians to be just, he said.

“I believe that as Christians, being involved in politics is absolutely essential,” Horyn said. “God requires us to show justice, because government is accountable to people, the people must ensure the government is just.”

Horyn also currently co-hosts The Rude Awakening, a political talk show Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. on 90.9 The Light. Upon graduation, Horyn plans to continue his education at Liberty, earning his MA degree in Management and Leadership and his MBA. He plans to attend law school fall 2011.

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