Mar 30, 2010

Students log in to Coffeehouse 2.0

by Christopher Scott

Campus musicians took the stage at Friday’s Coffeehouse along with the usual assortment of dancing grandmas, bag ladies and African Mermaids. The Dharma Initiative was also in attendance.

“It was the best one that I have seen in two years as far as Coffeehouses go,” senior Mike Mullen said.

“It’s the best I have seen, and I’ve been here for a while,” Alumni Betsy Cockburn said.

Seven unidentifiable female students (introduced as “the bag ladies”) opened the night with an act to the tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” which morphed to include other pop songs like Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.”

“There were a lot of surprise acts,” emcee Aadam Keeley said. “There was a lot of positive energy from the crowd even through a few technical difficulties. The really positive crowd was what made the show.”

The Dorm 23-2 guys made a second Enrique Iglesias video in which they resolved to win their girlfriends back by singing “Do You Know?” Also returning from the Fall was the “Josh and Connor” duo whom fingerpicked their way through a classical composition on nylon stringed guitars.

Videos featured dorm wrestlers, “flash” mobs that menaced students in the DeMoss Courtyard and an LU Dharma Initiation video in which a student posed as Dr. Ed Hindson.

“You and your roommate will be in station 71 or the circle,” the Hindson imposter said. “And you will be there for the next four years. Every 108 minutes either you or your roommate will have to vote for a Republican.”

A group announced as “Aladin’s African Mermaids” performed a milieu of Disney favorites including “The Circle of Life,” “Under the Sea” and “A While New World.” The audience sang along.

MC Aadom Keeley, a familiar face at events put on by Student Activities, got the opportunity to do an act of his own when he and another student led the audience in The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air’s theme song.

“I got asked to do that – it was kind of like a last minute thing. I was just trying to not embarrass myself so hopefully I didn’t do that.”
Keeley said that the Chancellor and his wife were going to cut out early because Falwell had an interview with Fox News the next morning.

“They ended up staying all the way through. It’s beautiful to have support all the way from the top like that.”

Students leaked out of the Vines Center in an unusually slow fashion during the final act, a rendition of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.”
“I thought the last act was phenomenal,” Keeley said. “They really just went all out for it.”

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