Sep 29, 2009

Lynchburg Inn Houses Sick Students

by Cat Hewett

The cold and flu season is on the rampage, and swine flu is leading the charge. It is far more contagious and deadly than any virus seen in past decades, and Liberty is taking extra precautions to prevent outbreaks on campus. Liberty’s Lynchburg Inn has reserved 20 medical rooms to isolate students with swine flu and give them the necessary care required to recuperate.

The service is voluntary, but the rooms provide students with their own bathrooms and TVs, Director of Housing Betty Saunders said. She added that the “med rooms” have sheets and towels along with a few extra toiletries to help any ill student with the transition to the Inn.

“We have had about seven to nine students go through and are back in the residence halls,” Saunders said.

Saunders also said that some students have opted to stay on their residence halls, while others have stayed off campus with friends or family in the area.

The Office of Student Housing has been working closely with Building Services and the Office of Student Leadership (OSL) to ensure that sick students are excused from classes and taken care of during their illness, according to Saunders.

Students can receive sick trays from the Dining Hall through their Resident Assistants (RA) and when a student is diagnosed with the flu, Building Services does a thorough cleaning of the dorm.

“They go through and clean door knobs, handrails and banisters,” Saunders said. “They also use harder disinfectants that are geared more towards (the flu).”

Saunders said that students moved to the Inn are assigned an RA who can check in on them.

Saunders urged students to check the “Information for Students” link on the Liberty Web site, which teaches how to prevent illness and what to do if they find themselves getting sick.

“Students should identify a ‘flu buddy’ that will be ready, willing and able to assist,” the article said.

Saunders stressed the importance of students arranging a “flu buddy.” She said that students should not drive themselves to and from the doctor’s office to get their medicine.

“Stay in isolation and avoid contact with other individuals until your temperature is 98 degrees without taking fever-reducing medications,” the article said.

Students need to contact their Resident Director, RA and professors if they are missing classes because of illness.

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