Apr 3, 2007

Barrick family at home

by Amy Field, Asst. News Editor
Andy Barrick, Director of Alumni Affairs, his wife and two children were injured in a devastating car crash involving a drunk driver five months ago. The accident sent all five to hospitals across Virginia, all in very serious condition. In February, the entire Barrick family was reunited at their home, with daughter Jen as the last one to arrive home from the hospital. Still, the family’s recuperation has just begun. Linda Barrick, Andy’s wife, had two surgeries performed on March 14 on a badly broken left arm and left foot she sustained from the crash.

“Two plates were removed from her foot and she had reconstructive surgery on her wrist because she can’t move it,” said Andy. “Doctors moved four tendons in her wrist to hopefully restore movement.” He also said that Linda’s healing from the surgeries would probably take about eight weeks.

“We’re hoping that the nerves regenerate, but nerves heal slowly – about one millimeter a day,” said Andy.

His son, Josh, was the first one to be released from the hospital after the accident, with only a broken nose. Josh, 11, is a student at Liberty Christian Academy.

“Josh is doing great,” said Andy. “He loves and looks up to Jennifer so much.  He prays constantly that God would heal her completely.”

 Andy’s daughter, Jen, who is 15-years-old, suffered the worst damage in the crash.

According to a Web site run by Randy Seavers, a friend of the Barricks, she was able to come home from the hospital Feb. 9. She has a loss of eyesight, linked to Cortical Vision Impairment, and loss of short-term memory, both results of a brain injury caused by the collision. CVI is a condition that affects the processing part of the brain, so even if eyes are able to physically see an object, the brain may not process the images.

“Her eyes are fine, but it’s an injury of her brain,” said Andy. He said the family would know more about Jen’s progress and healing on Apr. 11. “Jen’s improving and God is healing her every day. We know God could heal her but we’re taking it day by day.”

Andy asked that Liberty students would pray that God would repair her brain and short-term memory and calm any anxiety she has, as she slowly remembers what happened to her.

“She’s becoming more aware of what happened,” he said.

Andy himself suffered a broken pelvis in the crash, a fractured hand and nerve damage in his left leg.

“I still have nerve problems in my leg. I walk flat, but I’m walking and doing rehab a little bit every day,” he said. “You hardly think about yourself when your child is hurt like Jen is.”

He released a statement to Liberty. Its sentiments are also echoed on Seaver’s Web site.

“The Barricks really want people to pray for Jen’s complete recovery, but more that Jesus Christ would be glorified completely and lives would be changed for him because of this. Jen loves Jesus and he loves her more than we can imagine.”

The family’s update Web site can  be found at www.geocities.com/randyseavers/.

Contact Amy Field at afield@liberty.edu.

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