Dec 5, 2006

Life! has all of your dining solutions

by Joshua Kozerow
Over the past few years, it seems as if restaurants are increasing in number. More restaurants mean more choices and better selections, but they can also make eating decisions more difficult. It is also hard for individuals who are out of town and are looking for a nearby place to eat but are unfamiliar with the area. To aid prospective diners, EverythingDining offers a solution to people’s everyday wants and needs about eating outside the home.

EverythingDining originally began as It’s On the Menu in 2004. Founder Tim Rose started this small business from his home in Spring Hill, Fla. It’s On the Menu served as a base Web site that provided information on over 100 different restaurants in the Spring Hill region. Due to complications and circumstances with other business partners and staff members, Rose left what he began and decided to start over. Rose now lives in Lynchburg, where he and partners Patrick Ryan and Bryan Ventre are currently working full-time on the new restaurant directory.

EverythingDining was born in 2005, and it is increasing in size daily. The site contains information on over 229,000 restaurants nationwide with 119 different categories of restaurants to choose from. Categories include common selections such as Chinese or pizza as well as unique choices ranging from Brazilian food to Catering Services, Soul Food and even Indian restaurants. Someone searching for a nearby steakhouse can access the free database that Everything Dining provides and can find numerous results. The site also includes detailed maps from Google that can pinpoint exactly where each individual restaurant is located.

EverythingDining gets its financial profit from paid members listed on the restaurant directory. Restaurants can create their own user name and password and can choose between one of four different membership packages: Free, Basic, Advanced and Premium. The Free plan allows a restaurant to place its name, number, location and a brief description on the Web site.

The Basic is $9.99 per month and allows the restaurant to provide more information about itself, including several images and a map.

The Advanced plan is $16.99 per month and it differs from the Basic in that it offers a larger word count for the restaurant’s description and more choices for contact, such as e-mail and a domain name. The Premium plan is $19.99 per month and it allows the restaurant to list much more detailed information, such as entrée specialties and environment descriptions.
The Web site keeps things relatively simple. It does not contain the popups or side advertisements that most commercial Web sites do.

Rose said, “The site may look a little more plain than you’re used to. I believe in keeping it simple and free of unrelated advertisements. If it has nothing to do with dining, it won’t have a spot on the site. A major search engine started with a simple Web site offering a specific service, and (it) happens to be one of the top five Web sites on the Internet!”

EverythingDining also provides an additional source for people to access its restaurant directory without using a desktop computer. One is a mobile site for cell phones. The mobile site offers modern interactive benefits such as automatically dialing restaurant numbers with one click from your phone. The other will add the name and phone number of the restaurant to the individual’s address book if selected. EverythingDining also has a MySpace profile modification where members can search the site’s directory. The search can be added to anyone’s MySpace profile by adding a few lines of code into their own profile. This will allow MySpace users to search for restaurants without having to leave their own profile page.   

EverythingDining provides an extended service of restaurant job listings. If there is a job listing posted, a user can apply and post his or her resume at a link provided right there on the company’s listing. This can save both the company countless amounts of paperwork, valuable time and money saved from placing expensive newspaper ads.

EverythingDining has established itself as a convenience for people looking for a good place to eat. Rose said, “My goal is to specialize in everything dining and provide all your restaurant needs in one easy-to-use Web site. When I am looking for a hotel in a certain area, one specific Web site comes to mind, (or) when I am looking for a great new place to eat – EverythingDining should be the first thing that comes to mind.” For more information, visit

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