Dec 8, 2009

Christmas music combats seasonal stress

by Rachel Barker

Baking cookies, trimming the tree and wrapping gifts. Christmas is a time of creating memories but it is also a time filled with stress, distracting us from the true meaning behind the holiday. However, music relieves our Christmas anxiety and fills us with the spirit of the holiday season.

“Music provides a wonderful backdrop for your life so that you can find increased enjoyment from what you’re doing and also reduce stress from your day,” according to

Music also has the power to control our emotions and triggers pleasant memories. Our memories of Christmas with our family and friends can spring from Christmas music.

Not only does music have the power to calm nerves and place individuals in a more joyous state, it can also have the power to heal. Christmas music is the reason for our escape from the anxiety involved with the holiday. It brings our mind to a place of gladness.

Additionally, researchers have found that listening to music lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate and lowers anxiety in people hospitalized for heart ailments, according to United Press International. Also, for those less fortunate and unable to be with loved ones at Christmas, music helps to remind them of better days and keeps the joy of the season in their hearts.

Without Christmas music, our holidays would be time of monotonous traditions and food. The glory of Christmas music helps us to revisit the reason for our celebration and puts joy in our hearts.

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