Oct 14, 2008

Around Liberty in 90 Words

by Jennifer Schmidt

Post Office Progress

The Liberty University Post Office has made marked improvement the last couple of years regarding delivery of student packages — an effort for which many students are grateful. With the new growth of the campus, here’s a suggestion for future consideration: students might benefit from more drop box locations that are easily accessible and identifiable, including posting the locations on the post office Web site. The suggested changes would allow students to keep in contact with friends and family more easily.

Parade Possibilities

The homecoming festivities are quickly approaching, as are the opportunities for students to earn some extra cash for those late-night snacks. Student Activities is offering cash prizes for the top winners of the parade during homecoming. The prizes range from $300 to $600. The floats will be judged on how creatively and thematically students convey team spirit. Students interested in participating should pick up an application at the LaHaye Student Union. The deadline to register is Oct. 20. For more information visit Liberty.edu/studentactivities or e-mail studentactivityinfo@liberty.edu.

Fun Fall Activities

The cooler winds and colorful leaves spark a desire within many people to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. Students may be interested in visiting Johnson’s Orchards for an opportunity to harvest their apples. More information may be found at JohnsonsOrchards.com. Students may also be interested in embracing the fall spirit by carving pumpkins or trying their luck in a corn maze. The four-acre corn maze is located in Trestle Park. For more information, visit TrestlePark.com.

Running for Celebrity or President?

With appearances on Saturday Night Live and Oprah, one would think that Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are competing for Best Entertainer of the Year. Celebrity status has been assigned to the two men who are competing for the presidency, and though they say their official focus is on the White House in Washington, D.C., one might wonder if they are secretly looking over their shoulders to check their status in Hollywood.
An ad recently appeared that showed Obama imitating Superman by pulling open his business shirt and revealing his trademark ‘O’ symbol underneath. McCain has taken cooking lessons with Rachael Ray and received a ‘Kiss the Candidate’ apron to prove his participation. What effect do Superman and Rachael Ray hold on the presidential race? Answer: None.

Quiet Hours Still Apply

Students are allowed sign out to the new Tilley Student Center for a late-night activity. The concept of having a place for students to sign out is excellent, however, the downside of this privilege is indirectly evident as some students have experienced loud disturbances outside their dorm windows after curfew. Apparently some students take detours in between the Tilley and their dorms. It may boost the cool factor five points to be out after curfew, but people who have chosen to stay in their dorms are either studying, sleeping or procrastinating. For those who are avid supporters of the procrastination option, peace and quiet during the night allows better concentration when ignoring homework. For those that practice procrastination by leaving homework behind in the dorm, just do so quietly.

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