Nov 11, 2008

The thread runs scarlet

by Danielle Jacobs

Liberty’s annual fall communion service — an interactive, walk-through experience centered on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ — will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 12, from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Shilling Center.

The service, entitled “The Scarlet Thread,” will guide participants through the Old Testament predictions of Christ’s sacrifice, ultimately focusing on the cross. Prayer stations and interactive elements will display examples from the Old Testament as well as provide an opportunity for self-evaluation and reflection. Examples of displays include blood on the door posts at Passover and the animal-skin sacrifice in the Garden of Eden.

The Office of Student Leadership (OSL) encourages students, faculty and staff to take part in this service and experience a time of learning, reflection, worship and thanksgiving. Participants should allow for a minimum of 30 minutes to experience the service. The set-up allows for groups or individuals to walk through at their own paces.

“We want them to gain an understanding of the significance of the centrality of Christ throughout the Bible in terms of the ultimate sacrifice,” Campus Pastor Michael Miller said.

Two separate rooms make up the communion service. In the first room, displays tell the story of the scarlet thread through 30 Scripture references and related hymns. After the walk through, participants will partake in communion around a cross-shaped table.

In the second room, decorated with a fall theme, participants will be invited for a time of worship, prayer and reflection on thanksgiving. The displays throughout the rooms invite students to meet with God and focus on Christ’s significance in the Bible.

“The spirit and presence of God is always evident and powerful,” Spiritual Life Director Nick Perry said. “It is felt by all who have the pleasure of attending the unique night of worship.”

Members of OSL and the Ignite team designed the displays to be pictures of Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

“Instead of images or objects moving people to worship and communion, this year’s focus is completely Scripture-led,” Kim Carr, Ignite team coordinator, said.

Having communion services in the fall and spring are traditions at Liberty. It is a different kind of service unique in its focus on confession, adoration and thanksgiving. The service allows for students to take a break from school, examine their own lives and thank God for all he has done.

“It is a break from (the routine) that offers students an opportunity to participate in a worship-based service at its truest form,” Perry said.

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