Feb 16, 2010

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

“Aw, man! I forgot to wash my jeans with my blue load. Now, I’ll have to wash them with my red load.”

“Oh my gosh… You are so Monica.”

“What? No, I’m not. Why do you say that?”

“You just organized your laundry by color. I only have a dark load and a white load.”

The dialogue above is just a peek of the conversation that I had with my roommate Brittany, who loudly proclaimed that I resembled the overtly type-A character Monica from the TV show “Friends.” The whole situation came about during the recent onslaught of snow days that Lynchburg has seen over the past couple of weeks, which led to the watching of the hit show.

Originally, Brittany and Danielle, one of my other roommates, were appalled that I had never watched the show, which is how the viewing marathon started in the first place. Both Danielle and Brittany agree that my personality is similar to Monica’s. I think that they are both a little loopy, though. I mean, so what if I happen to like my writing utensils organized by pens, pencils and highlighters. Or if I happen to prefer that the silverware is separated by knife, spoon, fork and baking utensils in the dishwasher.

If I’m Monica, then that means my watching partners also have alter egos. I’ve determined that Danielle most resembles Phoebe and Brittany seems to sync with Rachel’s personality. Not to mention, Brittany’s boyfriend Michael and his roommate Tim mirror Chandler and Joey’s awkward relationship.

As we continue to watch the series — we are now on season four — I’ve noticed that I have developed friendships similar to the bonds that “Friends” exploits. And I am curious to see where our story leads. On the flip side, having such wonderful friends makes my graduation day, which is hurdling towards me at lightning speed, a little bittersweet because my friends have somehow managed to become my family.

I have learned many things over the course of my college career. The lessons included instruction in the field of academics, spiritual life and social life — not to mention a few practical life lessons involving car maintenance and hospitals. I’ve acquired skills to handle almost every situation my car decides to throw my way. I’ve learned what it means to fully rely on God for all my needs, and I’ve learned how much I miss my family when I am at Liberty.

Although I still miss my family in Texas, my Liberty friends make the transition a little easier. They make me laugh, pick me up when I’m down and periodically stop by my office to say hi.
So if you happen to see a group of six or seven with brightly colored umbrellas dressed in black and white with a couch in front of the DeMoss Hall fountain, don’t panic. It just means we’ve decided to film our own version of “Friends.”

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