Sep 23, 2008

Ministry team robbed

by Brent Reif


Four members of Crimson Flood’s ministry team were held at gunpoint and robbed Saturday night in Rocky Mount, N.C. There were no injuries.

Due to suspicion that this crime was gang-related, the Liberty students involved wish to remain anonymous.

The band was in North Carolina on one of its many weekend trips to perform at a church.

“We just went out to get something for dinner,” the student said. “We were hungry.”

After returning to the parking lot of their hotel, a young man in a black sweatshirt approached them and asked for “a light.” Once the students declined, the young man told them to “give it up” as he drew his weapon. Three other young men in black sweatshirts emerged from the shadows.

“He wasn’t much older than 15 … none of them were,” the student said. “The one guy had a real gun, but the others were just there to antagonize.”Since the thieves did not notice or choose to take the computers or cameras the students had on them, the students realized how frightened the amateurs were.

“They were young,” the student said. “They were scared.”

The students were told to hand over their wallets but keep their cell phones and keys. As the four thieves drove off, they warned the students not to call the cops because they knew where the students were staying.

“Of course we called the cops as soon as they left,” the student said. “I was really impressed with the response time of the police.”

The Rocky Mount police were on the scene within four minutes and had the offenders in custody soon after, all because one student was able to take note of the license plate number on the criminals’ vehicle.

After a late night and a successful attempt by local police to recover their wallets, the students were able to get some sleep and continue with their weekend ministry.

“It was perfect,” the student said. “For the situation that occurred, it could not have happened any better.”


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