Mar 9, 2010

News & Advance Edited Version: Partisan Hats

by Lee Beaumont

According to Mayor Joan Foster in a Feb 21 News & Advance store, “political hats are left at the door.” My source of confusion lies in the actions of some council members, both in and out of council chambers, and how it differs from their words.

In a May 30 blog post by Marc Schewel, he identifies Vice Mayor Bert Dodson and Foster as “two of my Democratic friends on City Council.”

On Oct. 22, WSET featured a story “Democrats formally back Valentine,” and in the picture are Dodson, Foster and Councilman Ceasor Johnson.

On Aug. 18, 2008, Foster was invited to be part of a delegation handpicked to meet with presidential candidate Barack Obama; normally an honor reserved for party insiders.

On Oct. 25, The News & Advance ran story and photo about Creigh Deeds’ rally in Lynchburg, and Foster was in the background of the picture.

I do not recall seeing the mayor at any Republican events during the last general election.

Lee Beaumont

Editor’s note: Beaumont is director of
auxiliary services at Liberty University

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